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There is no motive higher than the loyalty to their unit that makes troops brave it out under fire and nothing symbolizes the enduring ideals they live and die by like their Regimental Colour – the flag of the unit. And those ‘colours’ have always brought unparalleled glory to the nation. It is a proud moment for any unit of the Army, Navy or Air Force when the President of India presents it with its colour in recognition of its contribution to the nation’s defence, often emblazoned with battle honours. We therefore found it inspiring to name our organization after those colours that manifest the essence of our mission as nothing else does.

The logo is representative of an eagle soaring the skies. Down the ages man has deemed the eagle a symbol of bravery, courage, honour, pride, determination and grace; the essential traits that go into the making of a soldier and shape the values he or she lives and dies by. The Tri-colours stand for a soldier’s eternal dedication to the nation’s flag, while the use of a futuristic font showcases the forward-looking trend of our soldiery.

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