Heritage Week at Colours of Glory

Heritage Week

Military Heritage Week – Upholding our proud martial legacy by bringing the armed forces closer to people to render their history more appealing

Battle Reenactments

Battle Reenactment at Heritage Week of Colours of Glory

✓ Exciting sound-and-light shows that would reenact celebrated battles; a rare occasion for people to get a feel of the battles

Military Tattoos


✓ Hair-raising display of soldierly skills; equestrian shows, motorcycle daredevilry, skydiving and more

Exhibition of Books, Photographs and Paintings


A platform for writers, photographers and painters who favour military topics to promote their works

✓ A promotional avenue for publishers of military books

 A stage for collectors and art galleries to display their collection of photographs, paintings and other works of art

An arena for military units and establishments to showcase their splendour, heritage and achievements

✓ An instrument of motivation for young men and women to take up a career in arms

Seminars/Talks, Film Shows and Marching Bands


Seminar and Talks


Film Shows

marching bands

Marching Band Displays

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