An Ode to the Martyrs of Pulwama

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One year, one whole damn year

Time does fly my dear..

Everything happened in minutes,

What did we lose? 44 legendary spirits..

Anger, sadness, vengeance, rage and what not?

The bloodshed, the mourning stabs in every thought

A day that can never be forgotten,

The pain.. the pain which was felt when the bodies were brought in..

All the newborns, toddlers, teenagers and adults who lost their fathers..

It still bothers.. The nation was burning with anger in all the corners,

All we saw then were mourners..

The newlywed wife who sent her husband thinking he’ll come back,

The promise the father made to his child that he’ll come back,

And the parents who sent the warriors with a smile, expecting him to be back..

Guess what,

They did come.. wrapped in the tricolor, and some couldn’t even make it back..

Everything, the whole nation was black…

The tears flooding through their eyes,

And all the loud cries..

Deep inside their hearts a warrior did rise..

A huge salute to all the warriors who lost their lives,

We’ll never forget you and you shall remain in our hearts and archives.

Jai Hind!

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