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Hi folks it’s time for a news share……..

Otherwise my heart will simply burst with the pride of being an Army spouse ! Let me start at the very beginning:

Having become a member of the Colours of Glory foundation it’s but natural to attend their programmes .This foundation is formed by veteran service officers spearheaded by Capt Ramachandran (a Military Historian to boot) Air Marshal Varthaman, Commodore Vasan, Brigadier Sampath & Sri. S Muthiah, the only civilian Trustee. It serves to preserve Military Heritage and History. We had the Military Heritage week flagged off with a very informative exhibition of our Tanks , Posters , photographs of battles long ago, pictures of our soldiers from the World wars etc; Talks and Speeches on various military matters , Perspectives of Maritime security as Bharat has Immensely long coastlines on both the East and West, Seminars on Naval Security, talk on the founding of Indian Aviation guess where? In namma Chennai as early as in the 1930s! This evening showcased the truly Military spirit of Equestrian Show Jumping by the OTA as well as NCC cadets on horses with such unique romantic names Handsome, Raftar, Etc that kept us enthralled. Tent pegging was effortlessly done by the havildars of the OTA. Keeping pace with modern technology was the extra special Aero Modelling show by the NCC cadets who mesmerized us with their dexterity and indigenous aircraft! The Military bands chipped in. In fact started the evening off with a spirited martial music and hold your breath the Flag hoisting was done on horseback with such precision by the OTA havildar who simply thundered through releasing the peg that unfurled the flag! Unique Moments …awesome! spell-binding! We had a break for refreshments after which the Military Symhony band took over while a giant screen posted visuals of our Services. The MC Squadron Leader Unni Nair kept the pace easily and ensured there was no monotony! Vandemataram was simply soul stirring while with amazing grace, Spanish tunes kept the audience toe tapping ! Exquisite were the Xylophone renditions as was the trio of Trombones. Quite fittingly Saare Jahan se Accha was the finale! The visuals were so educative …Did you know the NSG has several types of Commandos? The Cobras, the Garuds the Ninjas, the Junglees and so on. It is sad though the venue being MCC School grounds young people were few and far between!

For me the evening was educative and a very nostalgic reminder of our days at Secunderabad and Deolali Cantonments .Martial music stirs me to an impossible high .

A wonderful programme organised by Colours of Glory and heartfelt appreciation to the organizers. Special thanks to Capt Ramachandran for his enthusiasm and penchant for Military lore! A very senior veteran of the Goa OPs vintage Air Marshal Ramachandran, Shourya Chakra winner, was fittingly the chief guest who declared the Tattoo open .

A lovely evening well spent in reliving the grandeur of the Services! Jai Hind!

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Brig K Sampath(Retd)
Brig K Sampath(Retd)
6 years ago

An excellent blog by Mrs Rajan. Thank you Ma’am. All facets of the various programmes were so beautifully brought out in this blog. Capt Ramachandran, our Founder Trustee definitely deserves all the accolades for the enormous work he has done to make the events ,specially the Military Tattoo such a great success. We doff our hats to you sir !

Brigadier K Sampath (Retd)

Capt. D P Ramachandran

Thank you Sam, for those very kind words; but for the crucial support from all of you eminent trustees I don’t think we would have strode forward so well.

Paddy Dutta
Paddy Dutta
6 years ago

Well done Ramu keep the flag fluttering high.

Capt. D P Ramachandran
Reply to  Paddy Dutta

Thank you, Paddy

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