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May this poem serve as a tribute to the brave souls who made the ultimate sacrifice during Operation Pawan from July 1987 to January 1990. Their courage and dedication will never be forgotten, and may their memory inspire future generations to strive for peace and unity.

Maj Gen Jose Manavalan, AVSM
IPKF Veteran

Upon the Emerald shore they stood,
With hearts so brave and spirits good,
The IPKF answered the call, a distant land,
To lend a helping, selfless hand.

Operation Pawan, their sacred quest,
To bring forth peace, to give their best,
In a foreign land, they faced the test,
With courage true, they gave their best.

They journeyed to unknown shore,
With fighting spirit, guts and glory
To Sri Lanka’s cries, they heeded the call,
To protect, to serve, to stand tall.

The Indian Peace Keepers, their noble name,
In unknown lands, they earned their fame,
Fighting side by side, they stood as one,
Their valour shining like the morning sun.

Steeped in tradition, they faced the foe,
With hearts so fierce, yet hearts aglow,
In the face of danger, they held their ground,
For peace and freedom, they were bound.

But the path of peace, a challenging road,
A journey that weighed a heavy load,
The accord soured, the enemy revealed,
A new battle fought; their fate was sealed.

Yet in the face of turmoil, they stayed true,
On that Emerald shore, they pushed on through,
Relentlessly, they fought with might,
For a brighter day, for peace’s light.

On that foreign soil, they made their stand,
For India’s honour, they took their stand,
1200 braves were a heavy toll,
In true traditions, they stood tall.

We never leave our men behind,
Yet on Emerald shore we did
We gather in solemn prayer
That someday they will return home.

And though a war memorial may yet arise,
Their legacy lives, beneath the skies,
With gratitude, our hearts do soar,
Upon the Emerald shore, forevermore.

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G S Khetarpal ( SS 2)
G S Khetarpal ( SS 2)
8 months ago

Dear DPR, very aptly brought out the need of the time to follow Chankya ( The arts and Sciences can progress in a Nation, if the Armed might is strongest). I only hope the Politicians apply their mind to this.Khetarpal

Capt. D P Ramachandran
8 months ago

Thank you GS.

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